FER A REPASSER Binatone Dry Iron 1200W DI-1255 MK2


Un prépaiement peut être exigé. En savoir plus
  • Product Name: Iron
  • Power: 1100-1300W
    Non-stick soleplate
    Temperature control
    Temperature indicator light
  • Warranty: 06 months

Need a sophisticated and efficient iron?! This article is made for you ! No more unwanted creases and adhesions with this less expensive, smooth and perfectly non-stick iron . Thanks to its temperature controller, give new life to your clothes and iron effortlessly with this powerful and ergonomic device. Moreover, what about its sleek and futuristic design, a latest generation device, it will blend in easily with any interior decoration.

With this particularly advantageous price, by choosing this high-capacity iron , you are making the certain choice with a high performance rate at a lower cost.
However, to avoid burns and fires, scrupulously respect the safety measures mentioned in the instructions and carry out your tasks with complete peace of mind. This Binatone DI-1255 MK2 iron with a power of 1100-1300W reassures you about its optimal and safe operation.
Finally, with regard to its maintenance, nothing could be easier, dry or with a damp cloth it will do the trick, just make sure that the iron is unplugged beforehand.


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