American Refrigerator Skyworth SR54/SBS544WD L Gray


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  • Product Type: Top Freezer Fridge
  • Model: SR54/SBS544WD
  • Brand: Skyworth
  • Capacity: 518L
  • Type of refrigerator: Refrigerator Side By Side Door
  • Energy class: A+
  • Climate class: ST
  • Annual energy consumption (kWh): 450
  • Frequency: 220~240V/50Hz
  • Type: Inverter Compressor

You have a large family and making meals every day becomes difficult to overcome this inconvenience, we present to you an extraordinary American-style refrigerator to store your products. The Skyworth SR54/SBS544WD L American Refrigerator at a low price is ideal for you because it will now allow you to better plan and organize your month with ease.

This cheaper Skyworth SR54/SBS544WD-518L American Refrigerator is a top-of-the-range appliance with double doors and an impressive volume of 518 liters . Thanks to this high capacity, you will be able to keep as much product as possible. And to achieve this, you can section it into several compartments, among others: the fresh compartment, the high humidity compartment, the fruit and vegetable compartment and the bottle cooling compartment.

With regard to the fresh compartment, it is a question here of storing perishable products in optimal conditions at normal temperature. In addition, we have the high humidity part that allows the conservation of glasses. And also, we have the fruit and vegetable compartment so its role is to keep food cold at the right temperature. In this part we can classify foods such as: fruits, yogurts, milk, natural juices with an optimal balance. Finally, concerning the part of the cooling of the bottles, its purpose being to refresh the products (juice, alcohol, water) located inside.


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